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About Us

The Project VOA! is a cultural initiative created by students with outstanding academic records and awards in Olympics Cultural Competitions, to help students from public schools, with fewer financial resources. We have almost four (04) years of existence in the city of São Paulo - Brazil.

 Main objective:

1) Encourage the development of logical reasoning, even necessary to improve the quality of life;
2) provide motivation to students most in need, through the proactivity of young instructors that make classes more informal by using a more youthful language, reaching an efficient learning, especially in mathematics. Students will be able to begin their participation in some cultural Olympics, and many of them exist at higher levels, even internationally, as IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad);
3) Students with especial results can be choosed to receive scholarships differentiated and participate in cultural exchanges.

Participation in Olympiads (2010-2013):

OBMEP – Brazilian Mathematics Olympiad of Public Schools; OPM - Paulista Mathematics Olympiad and OBA – Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad

Performance of RCSP-Bela-Vista Bixiga (District 4610)

In addition to providing financial support to this initiative promotes a parallel integration work with parents, through debates and lectures on topics in various areas of everyday life and knowledge, and yet there are many plans to be implemented!
By sowing between students and their families in a dignified manner, the recovery of citizenship through educational work differently, we create true multipliers of our ideal future for the society in which we live. Approach people through the pursuit of worthy goals, despite the social and cultural differences between them.

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Join us by this GLOBAL PROJECT!



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